Today, cannabis products are on the shelves at beauty salons, cafes, health centers, and seemingly everywhere in between. Now that cannabis has gone mainstream, cannabis extracts are nearly ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives, and the marijuana industry is booming. In fact, in Colorado, one of the first states where the industry gained a foothold, marijuana products recently totaled more than $1 billion in annual sales, and that number is only expected to increase in the years ahead. By 2025, the cannabis market as a whole is expected to exceed $66 billion. As legalization has spread across the country, the cannabis-derived products market has become not only bigger but more nuanced and sophisticated. This has led to the emergence of a vast spectrum of products designed to appeal to a range of consumers, including a premium cannabis sector seeking the best CBD oil on the market. In this post, we will discuss many of the most frequently asked questions about aromatic cannabis extracts, pure CBD extracts, cannabinoids, and more.

There was a time, before the discovery of active cannabis components like THC and CBD, when people would judge a strain based on its subjective effect alone. Then, medical marijuana paved the way for standardized testing procedures, and now the terms THC and CBD seem to surface in all corners of the media. Yet even now, there are many who are unsure about the distinctions between major types of cannabis.

Cannabis products are currently in a state of rapid evolution, reflecting the cannabis market’s expanding technological applications and changing consumer tastes. There now exists a wide array of cannabis experiences for people to choose from, ranging from basic flower products to extracts and potent distillates. The field of CBD research is still new, but preliminary studies suggest the compound may carry benefits in areas like pain management, mental health, seizure control, and more. Following the Farm Bill of 2018, demand for cannabis products, and entrepreneurial freedom to supply them, is set to increase significantly.

Terpenes are that latest craze in the ever-expanding cannabis connoisseur or “cannaisseur” market. In fact, according to one source, the total number of search engine inquiries for the term “terpenes” has increased five-fold in just the past two years. We can only expect this interest in quality marijuana- and hemp-derived products to continue to grow as more and more consumers discover the benefits of higher-end cannabis products, especially those rich in quality terpene extracts. Today, many consumers view terpene content as indicative of the overall quality of a cannabis product’s crop-to-counter harvest and production process. Needless to say, not all terpene extraction methods are created equal. So what are terpenes and how are these compounds best extracted? Let’s take a look...

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