220V The Complete System! Euro Model

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The Complete System! – Euro Model.  Includes: Euro (220 V) SuperC Extractor, Expansion Rack and AutoPilot

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1 x 220V SuperC Extractor - Euro Model

The SuperC is the base model extractor and the core product of our modular design. Capable of being upgraded, this model features a one ounce source chamber and a manually operated vent valve. Requiring only one standard 220 V outlet to operate and a standard gas feed tank, the SuperC can be used most anywhere.  (NOTE: You will need to provide your own power supply plug - this is not included with this model) Now includes AutoPilot.


Expansion rack for SuperC CO2 Extraction Machine

1 x 220V Expansion Rack (no Auto Pilot) - Euro Model

The Rack (Euro model)  expands the per-run capacity from one ounce to five ounces of plant material. There are two independently controlled temperature zones.


Autopilot kit New Electronic Pressure Regulator for the SuperC Extractor

1 x AutoPilot Kit

New Electronic Pressure Regulator for the SuperC!


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This Bundled system includes one Euro SuperC (220 V) and One Expansion Rack & Auto Pilot.  To order items individually, click on item below. To add the entire system, click the “Add to Cart” button ABOVE.

You will need to provide your own power supply plug(s), which is not included in this package.

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